“Lunar Eclipse – Scott Lebin

Everything We Do Is Aimed At Helping Achieve Your Goals

We take an individualized approach when it comes to planning. We start by taking a broad and over-arching look at your vision and values in order to create strategies that are customized for you and your family.  At Lebin Financial, we:

  • Implement “open architecture” solutions designed to help achieve your short- and long-term visions.
  • Design distinctive individual financial plans and coordinate your financial affairs, collaborating with your professional circle of accountants, lawyers and insurance brokers.
  • Act as trusted advisors to the medical profession, helping to create their financial independence for their families and their retirement.

“In this kind of world, a fast-changing world, it becomes very difficult to predict what jobs will be present in the four years from the beginning of a high school or advanced degree program. Thus we need to prepare life-long-learners with the skills to adapt and learn any new information that may be needed.”                                                   Scott Lebin

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