“Leaf in the Fall – Scott Lebin”

Our Goal Is To Become Your Trusted Advisor

When you begin to understand the values that form the foundation of how we do business, you begin to see what sets us apart from nearly every other financial services firm in the business today. Our goal is to become your most trusted advisors, the professionals you turn to through thick and thin, the advisors you trust to steward your long-term financial future.

Achieving such a trusted relationship requires a total commitment on our part, one that involves focus, objectivity and experience. That’s why our strategy is to partner with you, rather than to simply advise you. First we put the time in to understand your needs and help you crystallize your vision, with no thoughts of useful strategies to accomplish your goals. After we understand you, we go back and work to develop and execute a customized plan. We find that many clients in particular seek out this kind of dedicated and honest partnership and value our steadfast process of helping build and reach client goals.

“When we plant seeds, we aren’t always sure what the weather will be or what the final crops or flowers will actually look like. Similarly, the sooner we prepare the soil, plant the seeds for financial goals and visions, water the ground and fertilize the young plants, the better chance we have of producing something productive and beautiful  to achieve our ultimate lifestyle goals.”                                Scott Lebin

Scott delivers a University commencement address in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia