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Meet Your Personal And Professional Goals

Many professionals are often too busy or preoccupied to plan for their own personal financial needs. Financial planning, one of the most important things you can do to protect your family and help achieve your goals for the future, gets pushed to the side while you tend to your patients’ well being. For those doctors who are now salaried employees, there are new implications for successful planning that need to be implemented. You want your children to go to college, and you look forward to a financially independent retirement. You may have a special charity in mind, or possibly, you might have concerns about the long-term care of your parents. All these things are important considerations that require thought and planning. We can help you address all of them.

After all your years of schooling, training and building a practice, you may have put off retirement savings and may need a smart and immediate strategy for accumulating wealth for your golden years.

As a medical professional, you’ve spent a lot of hours studying and you appreciate the value of your education. It makes sense that you’d like to help your children achieve their own educational dreams.

As a well-paid doctor, you have to be sensitive to tax issues and create strategies to help maximize your savings and minimize how much you pay in taxes.

The nature of your profession requires that you have special insurance in case anything ever happens to jeopardize your ability to practice.

You already feel the pain of paying premiums for malpractice insurance and fixed reimbursements from managed-care programs, but you also face the same potential liabilities as other business owners.

If you run your own practice, you may find that cash flow management, maximizing return on working capital, hiring and managing employees, and financing equipment purchases increase in importance as your practice grows.

You’ve worked hard to achieve your status in life. It’s important to plan for your estate so more of your hard-earned assets are passed on to the people and charities you choose — and less to taxes.

“Doctors are working harder than ever, and, in some cases, making less money. They need to have somebody who can realistically look at their financial well-being and help them plan for their children, their lifestyle, and their retirement.”                                                         Scott Lebin