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“The Bean in Chicago’s Millennium Park- Scott Lebin”

Build And Protect Your Business

As trusted advisors, we provide an array of consultative services to business owners and executives. These services range from group benefits and retirement plans to executive benefits and tax-advantaged plans that are suited for owners of closely held entities, as well as strategic business planning services. We’re committed to helping our clients identify solutions to their challenges, including:

  • Planning and preparing for financial transitions
  • Comparing cost and incentive for employee benefits
  • Optimizing value of retirement plan benefits
  • Maximizing the value of executive benefits
  • Dealing with the problems of family owned businesses

“The skyline of any large city changes over an eighty year timeline. Our financial needs change in a similar way. The life we live today is not the life we thought we were going to live a few decades ago. Change is something we should not be afraid of because we know that in the same way we have adapted to the change of the cities in which we live, we will also be able to adapt to our changing life’s needs.”                                                                                    Scott Lebin

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