Retirement Plans

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Simplify Retirement Planning

Retirement plans have become more complicated than ever. Today, employers have to take their roles as plan fiduciaries very seriously. Under ERISA Law, employers can be held liable if they violate duties of prudence, diversification or adherence to the documents governing the plan. What does this mean for you? How do you — as an employer who is running a business and dealing with customers every day — find the bandwidth to ensure you are acting responsibly as a plan fiduciary?

We have long-established and strong relationships with the top financial institutions in order to provide suitable retirement plans for your unique company. We offer a no-obligation review of your situation to see if your plans meet the current guidelines and offer your employees a variety of suitable investment choices.

“The appropriate actions for your personal situation will be determined by the answer to the question that each doctor should ask: ‘How much do I need and when do I need it?”                       Scott Lebin