Tax Strategies

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Maximize Tax Strategies For Your Business

Our business planning advisory services include an assessment of appropriate structure for your business. We work with your advisory team of CPA and/or business attorney to provide the right structure to help leverage the best result for your business and its owner/shareholders. We have a network of legal and accounting firms with whom we work and we would provide a list of such firms from which you could interview and make a choice of someone with whom you are comfortable.

“The first goal of an advisor is to protect your financial independence. They must make sure that if there is excess capital available, a business owner can transfer to their heirs the amount they want when they want. A final priority is to determine how to transfer social capital. We all transfer social capital regularly; it is called taxation.”                                                            Scott Lebin

Scott has written many articles relating to finance, many of which appear in Neighbors of Geneva and M.D. News.