Estate Planning Strategies

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What You Decide Today Can Impact Tomorrow

You can choose to allocate your wealth among three primary beneficiaries: your heirs, the government and/or your favorite charity. Your choice can have a profound impact for generations to come. Like most people, these thoughts raise concerns. Am I ready yet? Have I arranged to transfer the maximum amount of wealth to our children? Have I successfully minimized the impact of taxes? We can help you to answer those questions, as well as design a disciplined approach to review and revise your plans as needed. We make sure your plan addresses your concerns, as well ensure that your heirs have the knowledge and capabilities to handle the execution of your wishes. At Lebin Financial, we’re here to help you achieve your goals, plan your family legacy and feel confident about the direction of your philanthropic projects.

“Part of any useful planning is to develop a process that becomes a habit and solves the pitfalls we are trying to avoid. The good news is that once we plan for what we want it is much easier to accomplish our goals.”                            Scott Lebin

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